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Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

FAQs - All FAQs

I. Click "Candidate's Login" in the home page.

II. Enter user name & password in Candidate Login Section.

III. Click "Login" Button

IV. This Login to Candidate’s personalized section.

V. The Activation link send through the register candidate email address

If this is your first time login, please make sure that you activated your account by clicking the activation URL at the time registration. If this is not in your inbox, please check it in junk box. If you still experience any problems, please contact our technical team by filling up the details here (Link goes to contact us form).

I. Click "Candidate's Login" in the home page.

II. Click "Forgot password" link.

III. Enter Email Address (Email Address must be same with Registration mail id), username.

IV. The password will be emailed to the email address, which you mentioned during the registration.

I. Select Job Type or Industry or Country

II. Enter any keywords.

III. Click "Search" Button.

IV. Will display list of jobs.

V. User has Options to recommend this job to a friend and Apply for the job using the contact details in the job advert or following the instructions on how to apply for the vacancy

I. If you click "Apply Now" Link on any job in the List, it will show Apply Job Form. Candidate has to enter their availability & any Covering Letter.

II. Click "Apply" Button.

III. An Email containing candidate's CV & his/her profile will be sent to the Agencies Email Id

I. Click "Jobs Applied" link after logging in.

II. Will show the list of jobs applied.

III. Click the link on the job id to show the job details.

I. Click "Edit preferences" link after logging in.

II. Edit the Profile by entering the changes.

III. Click "Update" Button to Save Changes.

I. Click "Edit CV" link after logging in.

II. Edit Your CV

III. Click "Update" Button to Save Changes.

Kindly note that if you copy and paste the texts of your CV when you registered this option will work. If you upload your CV you should download your CV and Edit it and upload it manually.

I. Click Edit CV link after logging in.

II. You can find Download CV link and click the link to download your CV.

I. Click "Edit CV" link after logging in.

II. You can find Upload CV link and click the link to upload your CV.

III. Pop up window will be shown.

IV. Select the CV from the system to upload to the site.

V. Enter submit button

VI. Upon successful completion, click the link "close" to close the window.

I. Click "Change Password" link after logging in

II. Enter Old Password

III. Enter New Password

IV. Enter Confirm New Password (New Password & Confirm New Password must be same)

V. Click "Save" Button.

I. Send an e-mail to "" or Click link "contact us" in the header part of home page.

II. Will show the list of departments with email ids

III. Click the appropriate email id to contact the department.

IV. Will show the contact us form

V. Enter details and enter send button

VI. An Email containing the user message gets sent to the relevant department’s email id.


Since we started a relationship with Findajobinafrica, we have considerably learnt from you, especially in the e-recruitment process. You have shown a solid ability to manage clients through demonstrating every day your "customer oriented attitude". Thanks a lot for your high quality support & our professionalism. We hope this relationship continues -
Employee Relations Manager, BAT Cameroon
Using FindaJobinAfrica ensures that we reach a much wider population of job seekers than some of our traditional recruitment advertising channels. We've seen a significant number of applications for roles which can be attributed directly to the advertisements we have placed online. - Dave Benson, Recruitment Manager, Oxfam GB AFRICA