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Disclaimer against fraudulent activities

Africa Recruit and its parent company Findajobinafrica strongly advise caution against fraudulent schemes perpetrated by individuals claiming to work for our organisations. The most common form of fraud involves the target receiving unsolicited e-mail, letter, fax or telephonecalls purporting to come from us with what appears to be a legitimate job offer or business proposal.

The target of the fraud is often invited to register their bank details details or pay an advance fee to the sender in order to get a job or to collect a cash sum of money often running into millions.

*AfricRecruit and Findajobinafrica does not run a lottery, we do not require a fee from job seekers, we do not require their bank nor do we deal with visa issues. Any such email purporting to be coming from us is likely to be bogus. If you receive such e-mails or any such requests we strongly advise you delete them or contact us directly at (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or on any numbers that appear on our websites in order to verify the authenticity of these messages.***

We are working with relevant authorities to ensure that perpetrators of this fraud are brought to the attention of the relevant authorities


Since we started a relationship with Findajobinafrica, we have considerably learnt from you, especially in the e-recruitment process. You have shown a solid ability to manage clients through demonstrating every day your "customer oriented attitude". Thanks a lot for your high quality support & our professionalism. We hope this relationship continues -
Employee Relations Manager, BAT Cameroon
Using FindaJobinAfrica ensures that we reach a much wider population of job seekers than some of our traditional recruitment advertising channels. We've seen a significant number of applications for roles which can be attributed directly to the advertisements we have placed online. - Dave Benson, Recruitment Manager, Oxfam GB AFRICA