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About FindaJobinAfrica

FindaJobinAfrica is Africa's 1st and premium online employment search engine, in line with one of the principle of New Partnership for Africas Development (NEPAD) of finding an African solution to an African problem

The website was founded in 1999 by Africans on the conviction that African's problems must be owned by Africans with the solution driven by African's. One of the challenges was poor/lack of job opportunities to Africans as a result many the vast array of job opportunities were not readily available to African's based inside and outside Africa.

FindaJobinAfrica was founded to provide a platform that facilitates the connection between recruitment agencies, employers and jobseekers irrespective of geographical location. FindaJobinAfrica has changed the manner adopted by candidates looking for jobs as well as recruiters who seek to source the most suitable candidate from a larger pool of talent across African others parts of the globe, this instant global access is the uniqueness of FindaJobinafrica.

The platform provides an interactive portal through which job seekers can post their CV's onto the database and recruiters gain instant opportunity to global audience. Employers, regardless of size, can post their jobs on the website and have access to an interactive forum that attracts high calibre potential employees with work experience ranging from 0-25+ years. Hence small can compete with big.

It has further reinforced its position as an industry leader with the introduction of CV index systems, Interview organiser and an alert system to make recruitment easier.

FindaJobinAfrica records on average 1.8million visits per month and on avearge one thousand new CV’s posted on the website.

For employers recruiting for positions in Africa, FindaJobinAfrica is a cost effective channel for conducting a successful recruiting exercise. Working with FindaJobinAfrica allows recruiters unbridled control and access to posting jobs in real time 24hours a day. A cross sector of organisations use FindaJobinAfrica, ranging from private and public sector, recruitment agencies as well as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) such as AMSCO, Department For International Development (DFID), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), KPMG, British American Tobacco (BAT), Celtel, BP and Virgin Nigeria Airways.

FindaJobinAfrica offers a wide Varity of services that could be tailored to each organisation's recruitment needs. For example, employers have the option to purchase job adverts individually, or in packs. In addition employers can create awareness and reinforce their brand by advertising on FindaJobinAfrica website and via e-newsletters to our subscriber base, 175,000+

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Since we started a relationship with Findajobinafrica, we have considerably learnt from you, especially in the e-recruitment process. You have shown a solid ability to manage clients through demonstrating every day your "customer oriented attitude". Thanks a lot for your high quality support & our professionalism. We hope this relationship continues -
Employee Relations Manager, BAT Cameroon
Using FindaJobinAfrica ensures that we reach a much wider population of job seekers than some of our traditional recruitment advertising channels. We've seen a significant number of applications for roles which can be attributed directly to the advertisements we have placed online. - Dave Benson, Recruitment Manager, Oxfam GB AFRICA